Imaging things and people on the Internet have a relationship with each other.
That is what Postdoc Jarmo Laaksolahti, from the IT University of Copenhagen, think is possible.

Under the supervision of Associate Professor Tomas Sokoler, Jarmo Laaksolahti explore together with the research team the interactions and intersections between connected people, things and places in a mixed reality setting.
The research project aims to create a mixed reality installation for the inauguration of Designdelicatessen’s store where such relationships can be discovered and created by customers.

The installation relies on NFC technology to tag and explore things as well as their relationship to things using multiple views and a touch interface. The platform consists of both a physical object – a “touch table” of sorts – and a smartphone app. is introducing a community based prototype to members of the Community-Based Innovation (CBI).

If you are interested in more information about the research project please contact:

Tomas Sokoler