Visual Artist Sidse Carsten is a member of The Innovation Cluster of CAOS under the supervision of Associate Professor Kjell Yngve Petersen.
This video shows her work "Your Personal Light". Related to one of the research projects into Adaptive Lightning.

It's an outtakes from a performance made in order to study and visualize how light could follow a group of people.

The project is based upon the idea that we could save energy, if we all brought our own light. This research is part of testing adaptive environments at IT-University of Copenhagen. The term adaptive environments refers to solutions that are able to fit, change and modify on the userĀ“s demand.

Working with this project, Sidse Carstens gives her view on artist driven research. "Your Personal Light" is an ongoing project that eventually will be developed into an interactive light installation.

The research is done at the IT-University of Copenhagen, CAOS department, Innovation Cluster.

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